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Hans-Georg Eßer

Literature: Unterrichten mit Moodle (Kay Hoeksema, Markus Kuhn) (14.10.2008)

Having planned to experiment with Moodle for quite some time, two things came together which made me finally get it going: One of my colleagues at the publishing house I work for put this book on my desk, and I started teaching a new course (on Computer Science Basics) that might profit from a course management system.

So I've read the book which is primarily targeted at school teachers (not University lecturers). Different from many technical books, this one doesn't start with the details of installing and infinitely configuring the last details of the software -- instead the authors show several standard situations that can occur in teaching and explain how using Moodle might help in these cases.

Even when things do get technical there's no need to start downloading and installing -- the publishers, Open Source Press, provide a guest account for a Moodle installation on their webserver which already contains several of the course elements discussed in the book.

This is not a technical book for the Moodle hacker, but it's a gentle introduction to Moodle's concepts, which does a lot to motivate readers to start moodling.

Kay Hoeksema, Markus Kuhn
Unterrichten mit Moodle
Open Source Press; 1. Auflage 2008, 229 pages

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