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New methods for teaching Operating Systems principles

Welcome to my Research Blog. Here I will keep you informed about my progress in researching new teaching methods for Operating Systems classes.

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Hans-Georg Eßer

Methods: Evaluating the 4C/ID Model (12.11.2008)

I'm currently scanning literature which covers the 4C/ID (Four Components Instructional Design) model, in particular I am reading "Ten Steps to Complex Learning", by the inventor of the 4C/ID model, Prof. Jeroen J. G. van Merrienboer, see Amazon book entry.

4C/ID focuses on the definition of

  • "learning tasks", which shall be modelled as "whole" tasks that have real-world relevance,
  • "supportive information" (which is fundamental, background information needed throughout the whole learning process and thus provided before the task starts),
  • "just-in-time information" which is presented during e.g. the step-by-step explanation of a procedure that shall be learnt, and
  • "part-task practice" which helps students automatize sub-tasks that should in general not be treated as separate tasks.
For a short introduction, see http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/4C/ID.

I want to use this model to structure the elements of an Operating Systems curriculum and see what consequences this application will have for the order of presentation.

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