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A diary documenting the implementation of ULIX-i386

Welcome to the ULIX blog.

Ulix (Literate Unix) is a Unix-like operating system developed at University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. I use D. E. Knuth's concept of Literate Programming for the implementation and documentation. The goal was a fully working system which can be used in operating system courses to show students how OS concepts (such as paging and scheduling) can be implemented. Literate programs are very accessible because they can be read like a book; the order of presentation is not enforced by program logic or compiler restrictions, but instead is guided by the implementer's creative process.

Ulix is written in C and assembler for the Intel architecture. The literate programming part is handled by noweb.

On this page I document my progress with the implementation.

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User mode stuff: side project (02.04.2012)

Since I'm giving the lecture "System Level Programming" at Nuernberg Univ. of Applied Sciences, I use the practical coursework to develop some user mode tools for Ulix. Currently I'm working on a simple shell. So far it can evaluate parameters and launch processes (assuming there are working fork() and exec() functions).
fork() should not be a problem at all (once I have a process table), exec() can't be done properly yet since there is no filesystem code at all. However, exec() could load a binary from RAM. I had already experimented with precompiled programs stored in the Ulix code as byte arrays.

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